Weldon Brewery
The Roman Mosaics Story

Roman Mosaics gained it's name from two sources.  Firstly it is named after the historic remains of a Roman Villa first discovered built on limestone in Weldon in 1738.  The Villa was re-excavated in 1954–5 when three periods of building were established, the final phase being a winged corridor building with distinctive mosaic floors.  It was first occupied in the late 1st or early 2nd century and was abandoned in the late 4th century. As well as the mosaic pavements various outbuildings were found including a workshop containing furnaces that were probably used for iron working.  The Corby steelworks are therefore probably older than we first thought!

The story of the Villa prompted us to use one of our favourite hops in the beer.  Roman Mosaics uses a traditional English bittering hop during the early stages of boiling the wort but the spectacular Mosaic hop from the US is used in the latter stages. This imparts aroma and helps to impart a hint of the hop's characteristic stone fruit flavours.  The Mosaic hop was only released in 2012 and is already a firm favourite amongst craft brewers in the US and Europe.

Roman Mosaics is a tobacco coloured beer, we call it a Pale Ale but it it is heavily hopped much like a bitter and is packed with flavour.