Weldon Brewery
Take a look at our range below.  We supply beers in 72 pint Firkins, 36 pint Pins and in 30 litre kegs.  Please call us on 01536 601016 or use the Contact Us page to place your order.  
  1. Dragline 3.9% abv
    A Golden session ale with hints of passion fruit, apricots and pine needles.
  2. Rosie's Sweat Box 4.2% abv
    A delightful deep ruby ale made with English hops and a selection of English malts, fruity in character with hints of toffee and woodsmoke from the dark malts.
  3. Windmill 4.2% abv
    A classic English Bitter made with a generous amount of East Kent Goldings and an array of English Malts, beautifully balanced and a delight for the palate.
  4. Stahlstadt 4.0% abv
    A Blonde Ale, light and refreshing with delicate hints of lemon and fragrant garden herbs from noble hops.
  5. Galvy Stout 4.2% abv
    A classic stout that has recently joined our regular range, made with finest English Hops from the 'Garden of England' and a veritable array of complex dark malts imparting hints of coffee, chocolate and liquorice..
  6. Cupola 3.6% abv
    This seasonal special is one for hop heads, a lovely blonde beer packed with finishing hops from the new world it will explode your palate despite only being a thirst quenching 3.6% abv.
  7. Oresome 4.3% abv
    A very special American Pale Ale rich tawny and darker than the average APA it is stacked with American hops to provide a fine balance to the darker malts - as tasty beers go this one is extra tasty!
  8. Roman Mosaics 4.6% abv
    Another seasonal special Roman Mosaics is a robust hoppy pale ale with deep complex flavours of stone fruit from the Mosaic finishing hops.
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