Weldon Brewery
The Oresome Story

The Weldon and Corby area has been worked for iron ore since Roman times and Oresome is a fun play on words combining Ore with our head brewers first description of his test batch for this beer - awesome!  The ironstone industry in and around Corby developed in the 19th century with the coming of the railways and the discovery of extensive ironstone beds. By 1910 an ironstone works had been established.

In 1931 Corby was a small village with a population of around 1,500.  After the works were opened it grew rapidly into a industrial town, as the owners of the ironstone works, the steel firm Stewarts & Lloyds, built a large integrated ironstone and steel works on the site.  The start of construction of the works in 1934 drew workers from all over the country including many workers from the depressed west of Scotland and Irish labourers but also from further afield.  The people of Corby therefore come from a range of diverse backgrounds, they are known for their sense of community, their good humoured approach to life and their banter!  The first steel was produced in Corby in October 1935 and for decades afterwards the steel works dominated the town.  

Oresome is darker than the average pale ale, dark tan in colour, it contains some crystal malts as well as hints of chocolate malt and roasted barley to give it a robust presence. Competing on the flavour front are two relatively modern hops from America.  Cascade first cultivated in 1972 and Chinook introduced in 1985 combine to inject pine and citrus flavours which balance the darker malts to perfection, this beer is full bodied and super tasty.