Weldon Brewery
The Cupola Story   
At Weldon Brewery we name all our beers after historical or local places events or activities.  The Cupola atop St Mary the Virgin Church in Weldon, Northamptonshire is the inspiration for our liberally hopped Weldon Cupola ale.  Our Church in Weldon dates back to Norman times in 1218, with many additions to the building being made in later years.  The highly distinctive Cupola was originally added in the 17th century and updated in the 19th century.  It is a wooden octagonal glazed structure with a lead dome and handsome weather vane.  It contains a lantern that used to be lit by candles to guide travellers in Rockingham Forest, when Weldon was just a small woodland village. The tower below contains a peal of eight bells dating from 1710 and is still in active use today.
Weldon Cupola ale is extravagantly crafted with four separate varieties of hops imported all the way from New Zealand, Australia and America to give a highly distinctive, vibrant and refreshing session ale that will call you back for more.